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        1. 拆胎機
          MC-850-230 側擺臂分體助手拆胎機  
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          MC-850-230 側擺臂分體助手拆胎機








          1.The dual pneumatic switch design of auxiliary arm adopts the function of separating lock and positioning,which greatly improves the working efficiency.

          2.The hexagonal bar adopts pneumatic locking function, one key locking,quick and labor-saving,and it is fast and efficient to dismantle and mount the tire.

          3.Optimize the opst and cabinet integrated connection design,improve the guarantee of high-strength work quality,no tilt, no deformation,more durable.

          4.Strengthen the turntable and small cylinder can enhance the strength of the supporting and clamping hub to avoid the damage of the hub caused by the sliding of the claw.

          5.The universal shovel can change the angle of the shovel tire at will, and adopts laser cutting of the integrated extended shovel arm,which makes the shovel tire more powerful without deformation and fractrue.

          6.Classic five pedals,easy to operate,the inside of the it adopts switch control system,the protection switch in durable and not easy to damage.

          7.Lengthen adjustable hexagonal sleeve,effectively increase the stability of the machine,meet the hard tire does not deform.

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